Sunday, February 1, 2015

Month 2

Alright!  So it's February now and we've made it through the first month.  The first month was an adventure, but now I'm sure we can get the hang of things.  I found this cute little picture while surfing through Facebook and decided to post it up for those of you who are still new at this.  Sure, eating Vegan is easy for some, but others need ideas.  I think I'm going to be adding up some helpful little guides about what easy to get meals you can make as well as extra add-ins and ideas.

For example, the Breakfast suggestion on this is great!  My son loves oatmeal and adding fresh fruit and non-dairy to it can make for a great meal.  Rolled oats cooked on the stove or in a crock pot taste best, but you can always get those microwave ready packets or do it yourself.  As for the almond milk, we aren't too big of fans of it.  It's either coconut or soy for both of us.  The great thing is though, that as a Vegan there are lots more options like rice and hemp milk.  They even have cashew milk if you want!  And any fresh fruit works with this in replacement of traditional brown sugar.  Blueberries, strawberries, banana slices, apple chunks, anything really!

Bean and rice tacos are great too!  The best thing about tacos for a Vegan is you can also get meat crumbles from a few different brands now.  As well as make your own taco seasoning and you have a wonderful meal.

And last is their dinner suggestion.  I love spaghetti and to mix things up for my son, we use different shape pasta sometimes and different vegetables and then load on the pasta sauce.  I actually had the cheap and plain version I made posted up last month.  A few days ago we did bowtie pasta with corn, green beans and carrots.  Just use your imagination as noodle dishes are so easy and extremely hard to mess up!