Thursday, January 1, 2015

Welcome to Vegan Family!

First off, I would like to say Happy Mew Year and Happy Veganuary to everyone!  I'd like to welcome everyone to my newest blog for Vegan eating by me, the self-proclaimed Budget Lolita Princess.  I'm ready for 2015 - how about the rest of you?  I just got my computer fixed and am super excited.  Why?  Because I love gaming, searching the net on something that's screen isn't as big as a credit card and blogging.  I love blogging so much that I'd marry my blogs if I could.

I'll make this introduction of myself short, sweet and to the point.  My name is Courtney, I'm a witch, a bit of a kinkster, very much into everything Fairy-kei, Lolita and cute, and also going Vegan this year.  I've been a Pescatarian and Vegetarian on and off through my life and now have decided to join up with thousands of other people for Veganuary this year.  Unlike Vegetarians, which I'm sure most of the general population is aware of now, Vegans are a bit more eco-loving and animal hugging.  Besides the major health benefits, you're helping out your community, the animals and the Earth.  Vegans omit eggs and dairy products, as well as meat and other animal products.  And though it's a popular debate for some reason, no, Vegans do not eat honey.

So, if you've read some on Vegan eating and how it can help you be a better you this year, I'm here to help those of you who want to know what actually is out there without having to read through boring lists or bland posts.  I'm going to be making sure that this blog has a nice list of the ingredients not to be consumed on this diet, the tricky ones, what is out there for a quick bite, reviews and some recipes that I'm going to be trying out or already adore.

Eating Vegan isn't as hard as you think and it doesn't mean that you have to give up flavor or creativity.  Vegans have just as many delicious options as Vegetarians and Omnivores, though I'd have to say that some of them are a bit tastier in my humble opinion.  I want this blog to be as helpful and fun as possible, so please feel free to put in your two cents on anything Vegan.

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