Saturday, January 24, 2015

Healthy Lunches

Usually when someone says lunch, the normal American would think of a burger or sandwich like food.  While those are both yummy options, I sometimes like to go a little more raw than that.  My little prince likes to have finger food once in a while too even though he's already in Kindergarten.  But finger food is fun, so I get that.

I just thought I'd post a little example of how we eat on a normal basis since my recipes so far probably make me seem like I have $75 a week to spend on the two of us, which I don't.

Today we had a finger food lunch with 5 baby carrots, a cutie (tiny tangerine type fruit), 2TBSP garlic hummus, and 9 herbed pita chips.  The little man had a glass of unsweetened vanilla coconut milk and I had two glasses of water.

Pretty simple, fun to eat, and just 92¢ per person.  $1.17 if you have a glass of coconut milk with it.  I prefer to just drink water as it's the healthiest choice you can make, your body needs it and your 8 glasses a day doesn't even cost 1¢ a day if you drink tap or 3¢ if you drink filtered.  This is based on the lowest price (40-60% off) you can find these products at, which is the only time I buy them.

This idea is high in vitamin A (67%), vitamin C (66%), and has a good bit of other vitamins, minerals (iron 12% and calcium 5%) and daily needs such as protein (6g) and fiber (5g).

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